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What is an illegal alien anyway…isn’t it me?

Why do so many Americans worry about our border security?  Don’t we claim to welcome others to our shores?  The inscription on the Statue of Liberty reads, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
I certainly acknowledge that this inscription was put there by the French, who gave us the statue.  But what a great ideal our French friends seemed to suggest we pursue.  My great-grandfather emigrated to this country from Switzerland in 1913.  So I think he was living out the message put on the statue.  He accepted the invitation to try to better himself and his life in another land.  I don’t know how he made such a move, but I’m glad he did.  I know he came here following his brother who had previously made the transition.  But, anyway, I digress.

Apparently it’s been confirmed, our President was born in Hawaii.  He released his birth certificate to the media.  Someone in Hawaii looked at the original on file there.  Even more compelling evidence exists, someone born during the same time period, who was in an adjoining crib in the same hospital, claims to remembers him being there.  I wish I had such recall abilities.

Why all the fuss?  Illegal alien presidents?  Border jumpers causing chaos?  Please don’t insult my intelligence.  If you will allow me, I must play the ‘race card’ at this point.  It’s the only logical common thread in these seemingly unrelated events.  The defenders of Caucasian mainstream culture can’t tolerate White women talking back (given institutionalized gender bias & domestic violence).  Therefore, it follows that people of color will be blocked at every point, in any way possible.  So, don’t you be fooled.  We’re just not there yet – we don’t really welcome the ‘huddled masses’.  But we could, and we can – one open-minded, objective person at a time.  I hold onto my faith in our country, and I think we may get there someday.  We may actually accept diversity without fear.  Take care America and keep trying, cause we’re worth the effort.


It’s ok to hug your mother – It’s not ok to hug the mail carrier!

We’ve all encountered and/or known those people-the people who are a little too loose with their emotions. The stranger in church who takes full advantage of ‘Love thy neighbor.’ The person who, seemingly at the Pastor’s suggestion, hugs you way too hard and for far too long. The wedding guest who cops a feel while giving the bride a congratulatory hug. Just because you’re an invited guest, it doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to get your grope on.

And what about those TSA people who snap their latex gloves gleefully as they prepare to legally molest you? I thought the full-body scanner, by providing a peep-show view and risking the health of the travelling public, would eliminate the need for frisking. And why, by the way, must I hold my hands above my head, with my fingers in diamond-shape, for the scanner to work? Are we travellers just being made the butt of someone’s joke? Yesterday, for the first time, TSA staffers even asked that I remove papers from my pockets. It did take me back to my elementary school days though. I felt like when the teacher demanded to see the note I had written the pretty girl sitting in front of me. Hopefully body-scanning technology will be an improvement in safety measures. Last time I flew from Miami International, the TSA man seemed to enjoy loudly announcing to me that my luggage had tested positive for explosives.

Federal buildings create another opportunity for GED recipients, I mean Security staff, to potentially get to second base with those of a higher social class.

Maybe I’m too uptight about these things-too firmly entrenched in the priceless value of one’s personal space. If you’re reading this, Mr./Ms. TSA employee, Security professionals everywhere, please don’t take offense to my attempt at humor, but please do proceed doing your job with respect and gentleness. Not everyone thinks it’s a turn-on to be felt-up by strangers.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, Katy Perry is turning me into a Conservative music censor.

What has this world come to? I like Katy Perry as much as the next person. She’s young, attractive, perky, apparently has some amount of marketability. So why oh why does her current hit ask the question, “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” Has she no shame whatsoever?
Maybe I’m out-of-date, but I still believe a song should have the lofty aspiration of elevating the human experience-at least a little. Even ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Happy Birthday to You’ seek to express a sentiment and add to our culture’s wide range of artistic works. What does a song about recyclables which uses the metaphor, “Baby you’re a firework! … Boom, boom, boom!”
I am middle-aged now, 47, and I was raised to appreciate Country music, with all of its twang, ladies with big, helmet-like hairdos, and men in cowboy boots, wearing too tight blue jeans with belt buckles which can pick up satellite tv broadcasts. Given that background on me, I’m hardly an uptight, classical purist. I love good music of all genres. But please, music industry executives, if you read this, no more encouragement of attaching emotion to garbage. Anyway, I’m off to karoake, a serious passion of mine. Keep on singing everyone.