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What has this world come to? I like Katy Perry as much as the next person. She’s young, attractive, perky, apparently has some amount of marketability. So why oh why does her current hit ask the question, “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?” Has she no shame whatsoever?
Maybe I’m out-of-date, but I still believe a song should have the lofty aspiration of elevating the human experience-at least a little. Even ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Happy Birthday to You’ seek to express a sentiment and add to our culture’s wide range of artistic works. What does a song about recyclables which uses the metaphor, “Baby you’re a firework! … Boom, boom, boom!”
I am middle-aged now, 47, and I was raised to appreciate Country music, with all of its twang, ladies with big, helmet-like hairdos, and men in cowboy boots, wearing too tight blue jeans with belt buckles which can pick up satellite tv broadcasts. Given that background on me, I’m hardly an uptight, classical purist. I love good music of all genres. But please, music industry executives, if you read this, no more encouragement of attaching emotion to garbage. Anyway, I’m off to karoake, a serious passion of mine. Keep on singing everyone.


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