A look at relationships, personal growth, & living/working in the 21st century.

A brief bio.

My name is William S. Woods, MA. Please understand that the viewpoint I share here is not meant to represent any organization I serve. My thoughts, written here, reflect my own ethics and morals.

So much of life is about change – acknowledging, accepting, and adjusting to change. I try to understand change and all of its complexity without prematurely labeling it as a problem or pathology, without giving change inappropriately negative connotations.

The way I currently see things, life can be viewed as being characterized by moments in time – moments of great joy and sorrow. These moments are usually oh so fleeting, like the temporary, yet captivating beauty of a flower. Life’s moments bring us incredible happiness and devastating emotional pain – but always teach us if we’re ready and willing to learn.

I’ve worked with people of all ages. Families with children, ages birth to three, just starting out in life, and many of whom were described as having “special needs.” Those children and their loved ones taught me so much – it’s amazing how a child can teach you about being a better adult. Seniors living their lives to the fullest, while also contemplating the transition from this life to whatever is next. My time with seniors has been so very challenging and incredibly rewarding. And, after all, if we’re lucky, we’ll all be seniors some day. Whatever our age, we’re all here on this earth just being human beings – none of us any better or worse than another. Take care, be strong, be well. And thanks for reading.



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